The importance of caring for your makeup brushes

The importance of caring for your makeup brushes

Ok so todays post is, as the title suggests, about looking after your Makeup brushes.

If you are anything like I used to be, your powder brush currently resembles a chimney sweeps brush with the bristles the texture of a brillo pad and your foundation brush could probably double up as a bingo blotter it has that much product in the bristles. Yes….or no? If not, I applaude you and you can probably stop reading however if this does ring true, read on!

Why you should clean your brushes regularly

There are several reasons it is important to ensure you keep your brushes clean and well maintained and I am going to list a few below:

1. Cleaning your brushes regularly and correctly prolongs the life of the brush and helps to keep the shape of the bristles.

2. Build-up of product will not give you a neat and perfectly blended makeup look. Last Saturday nights black sparkle shadow doesn’t mix well with your daytime taupe makeup look. It will look muddy and messy! It will also cause your brushes to feel rough and scratchy which can irritate your skin.

3. Most importantly, days, weeks or even months worth of makeup within your brushes is a perfect breeding ground for nasty critters whose job is to ensure you have a colossal breakout, along with other possible skin problems! Think about it, not only is your product nestled within your bristles but also your natural oils, dead skin, dirt, dust etc. Then you go ahead and rub your brush into your much cherished expensive bronzer, transferring all the nasties into your products. Also, dont forget, gels and creams are a wet environment where germs just love to multiply. Now if you aren’t cringing at that thought, then I dont know what I need to do to convince you.

How to clean your brushes

Ok so now you are thinking, but it takes so long or I need to buy a special brush cleaner that is going to cost a fortune. Nope! Wrong. I am going to list two ways to keep your brushes clean and the process for doing so:

1. You know that very well known baby product brand, Johnsons? Ok their baby shampoo has just become your new best friend. All you need to do is squirt a tiny amount of shampoo onto the palm of one hand, lightly wet the bristles of your brush below the ferrule under a running tap (this is important as you don’t want water to get inside the ferrule which can loosen the bristles – Loose Bristles = Bald Brush!) and gently dab the brush into the shampoo and swirl it around on your hand under the running water. You will see the product being cleaned away. Rinse the brush, again swirling it on your hand until the suds have gone and gently squeeze out the excess water. Voila done!

Now just leave your brush to dry on a flat surface. I clean my brushes like this every night ready for the next morning but you may struggle removing gel liner, lipsticks and cream products with shampoo alone so you would need to follow the next step.

2. Buy yourself a decent brush cleaning solution. They are readily available from a wide range of brands such as NYX, MAC, No 7 etc. My preference is a professional brand called Cinema Secrets. I use this particular cleaner as it has a lovely vanilla scent to it and is extremely quick drying which is great in between clients.

By using a cleanser to remove the products for your brush each night you will have clean tools and a clean application each day. Spray some onto a clean kitchen towel or tissue and gently rub your brush on it until the product has been removed or, for brushes that require a little more oomppfff due to thicker cream or gel products, pour a small amount into a small tub or container, dip your brush into the solution upright but not fully submerging the bristles and again swirl on a tissue until the product has been removed and the brush is clean.

Tip: You can use either an oily eye makeup remover or a dab of almond or olive oil to help breakdown gel/caked in products on your brushes before washing.

Easy right? By carrying out either of these two simple steps, you are going to not only notice a huge difference in your makeup application but also your skin condtion, plus it will save you money in the long run.

Until next time, Happy Cleaning!!!

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