SC Makeup Artist – Beauty Treatments

SC Makeup Artist – Beauty Treatments

I have been meaning to write this post for some time now but having twin 4 year olds, a teenage boy (no further explanation required!) sick husband and work commitments to deal with, I don’t seem to have had two minutes to sit down and write it!

I often hear clients apologising for untidy brows and non existant and/or unruly brows or lashes. This is where I hope the following information will come in handy!

There are a number of treatments that are available to you, not only as a general maintenance treatment but also as complimentary treatments to Bridal Makeup packages. I am going to list some of the treatments I offer below and give you a little information about what they are, what they entail and how they can benefit you.

Brow Wax

OK, this one is self explanatory. This treatment involves tidying or shaping the brow by applying a warm wax to the brow area which is then removed with waxing strips. The million dollar question is ‘does it hurt’? Liken this treatment to pulling off a plaster; the quicker you do it, the less it hurts. Everyone’s pain threshold is different and therefore the answer to this will differ from person to person but as this treatment lasts approx 5 minutes I think anyone can bear it. Personally I don’t find it painful at all.

Your eye area will be wiped clean with a pre-wax cleanser. Barrier cream eg. Vaseline or similar will be applied to the shaped area of the brow. This helps to stop the wax adhering to hair that doesn’t require removal. The temperature of the wax will be checked on myself first before applying to your brow area. A small spatula will be used to apply the warm wax to the areas that require attention, section by section. A small waxing strip will be pressed onto the waxed area and then pulled off quickly in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Pressure is immediately applied to the waxed area to ease any discomfort before proceeding with the next area. Once the treatment is complete a soothing gel or cream will be applied to the waxed area. Et voila, all done!

Having your brows waxed is a great way of having your brow shape defined. You can then choose to tweeze any stray hairs to keep the shape and reduce your maintenance appointments.

NB if you are planning on having your brows waxed for your Wedding Day or a special event, do have the treatment a couple of days before to ensure any redness has disappeared. If you have never had the treatment before try this out a month or so before your Wedding Day to ensure you are happy with the results and that you don’t have a reaction to the wax or products used.

Brow Tint

This treatment involves applying a dye onto the brow hair. Much the same as dying your hair. Any tinting treatments do require a skin test 48-72 hours prior to the treatment . The treatment only takes 5 mins and is totally pain free!

The eye area will be cleansed first. The tint cream will be mixed with an agent to activate it. Prior to applying the tint to your brow area, barrier cream will be applied to the skin around the brow to reduce the risk of staining. The tint will then be applied to the brow using a small brush. It is then left to develop for 5 mins before being wiped clean with a damp cotton pad.

This treatment is great for anyone with fair brow hair! The tint will last for 2-4 weeks.

If you have to fill your brows in with pencils or powders on a daily basis you will more than likely find this treatment beneficial.

Lash Tint

As above, this involves the Tint being applied to the lashes. Again a skin test will be required 48-72 hours before the treatment. Treatment time is 5 mins and pain free.

Your eye area will be cleansed and microporous tape or eye shields placed close to the lash line under your lower lashes. Again barrier cream will be applied to the skin area directly above or below the treatment area to avoid any staining. Your eyes will be closed throughout the treatment. The tint will be applied to your lashes and left for 5 mins before removing with a damp cotton pad.

Again this is a great treatment for anyone with fair lashes but can benefit anyone that wants their lashes to look darker and fuller. Blue-black is the darkest black available so unless you are blessed with extremely dark lashes this treatment can be beneficial to many!

Lash perm

This treatment will be far less scary if you remove the thought of large rollers attached to your lashes!!!
This treatment is often also referred to as a lash lift and is very similar. The difference being that perms are carried out using a roll placed against the lash line which the lashes are then rolled up onto and a lift is carried out using a silicone pad on the lid area in place of a roll.
Firstly I should explain, this treatment will take approx 45 mins and you will have to keep your eyes closed at all times throughout the treatment.
As with many of these treatments a skin test will be required 48-72 hours before treatment. Your eye area will be cleansed beforehand. Microporous tape or eye shields will be placed on top of your lower lashes as close to the bottom lash line as possible. This is to ensure that none of your lower lashes are caught in the perm treatment. The last thing you want is for your lower lashes to curl upwards!! A foam roller will be selected based on how much of a curl you would like and also the length of your lashes. The smaller the roller the tighter the curl. The roller, which is tacky and self adhesive will be placed on your eyelid as close to the base of your lashes as possible. The lashes will then be rolled up and onto the roller where a gentle adhesive may be applied to help them adhere to the roller and stay in place. This process will be carried out slowly to ensure the lashes are kept straight and don’t overlap on the roller. The perming lotion will then be applied to the lashes. Film and a face cloth will be placed over the eye area to assist in activating the perm. This will be left in place for 12-15 mins. The perm solution is then removed and a fixing lotion will then be applied and the same process carried out. Following this the fixing lotion will be removed and a nourishing lotion will be applied which helps to moisturise the permed lashes. This will be left on for 5 mins and then the lashes are carefully cleaned and the roller removed. The eye area will be cleaned with warm water and the treatment is complete.

NB No makeup or further eye treatments should be carried out for the next 24 hours. This treatment should be pain free but if it any stage you experience pain or discomfort you must notify the beautician. Whilst skin tests generally alert you to any possible reactions prior to the treatments, reactions can still occur. The eye area is an extremely sensitive area and therefore must be treated with extreme care. Treatment must cease immediately if pain, stinging or extreme discomfort is experienced during the treatment. You may experience a slight stinging when the treatment is complete and you open your eyes, this could be due to a small amount of product left from the treatment entering the eye. The eye area should be cleaned by the beautician and an eye wash carried out, if required.

This treatment teamed with a lash tint will offer you the same look as when mascara has been applied, but without the daily faff!

Temporary Strip/Cluster Lashes

These are a fantastic addition to your completed look and really do emphasise your eyes. The correct lashes should really open your eyes and make your lashes look fuller.

As these are temporary they should only be worn for the day and removed before sleep. A good set of lashes can be reused numerous times if cleaned and looked after properly.

There are two types of lashes that can be used. Strip lashes, which are the most well known and commonly used lashes, or cluster lashes which are a group of approx 6 individual lashes. The cluster lashes can be spaced out for a natural look or placed close together to offer a fuller lash look. There are various styles and lengths of strip lashes but my most commonly used are demi-wispy or wispies. The cluster lashes are available in short medium and long and the length will be selected based on your current lash length and the effect you would like.

These are applied using a temporary lash glue such as Duo and take approx 5-10 minutes to apply the set.

If you opt for strip lashes, I will first measure the lash against your eye to check if they need to be trimmed before applying. Lash glue will then be applied to the strip lash and it will be placed on the lash line directly on top of your lashes, whilst your eyes are closed. These can be applied either with your eyes closed or whilst looking down.

Cluster lashes are applied using the same glue and with the same technique. I always suggest cluster lashes for brides rather than strip lashes. The reason being; if, or when you cry, the tears can wet the inner corner of the lash and loosen the glue therefore causing it to lift at the inner corner of the eye.

 NB do not panic if when you suddenly feel as though your eye is glued together! Often, when the glue is still wet and your eyes are closed or even when you blink, your lower lashes can get caught in the wet glue so when you open your eye a string of glue will be attaching the two. This is not painful and is quickly resolved by wiping a cotton bud over the lashes which will remove the glue. If you have never worn lashes before it may feel very strange to begin with as you will notice the lashes when you look up. You eye may even feel a little ‘heavier’, even though the lashes are extremely lightweight. This feeling will pass in ten  minutes at which stage you should forget about the lashes even being there. I have yet to find someone who has not agreed with this statement!

Semi-permanent Lash Extensions or Express Lashes

Although I no longer offer these services, they are also an option for you to consider. The Semi- Permanent lash extensions are applied by isolating individual lashes and attaching a single lash extension to them with semi-permanent lash glue. These will require infills when your lashes fall as part of the natural lash cycle, taking the extensions with them.

Express Lashes are similar to the above treatment however, rather than isolating each individual lash, lash extensions of varying lengths and curl are placed along the lash line. This treatment is much quicker and cheaper however infills cannot be given. The lash extensions must be removed fully after two weeks and a new set applied so as not to damage your natural lashes.

Final note 

The lash treatments above are a great way to maintain a fuller and longer lash, without having to worry about adding lashings of mascara on a daily basis. The great thing is, many of them will last for a minimum of two weeks, perfect for holidays or honeymoons!
As with all beauty treatments, please do ensure you only use a qualified beautician to carry out your treatments. The damage that can be caused by incorrect application or poor hygiene/aftercare advice could cause you long lasting or even permanent damage!

If you have any questions or would like to try one of the above treatments please get in touch!

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